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Dumbbell Accessories

Gloves, Mats, Benches, Racks and Locks.

I like to keep my approach to fitness simple and my outlook on fitness equipment even simpler. Your body is the most effective and efficient exercise equipment you can find. After that the simple equipment like dumbbells, speed jump ropes and kettlebells work wonders.

You get more out of how you use your exercise tools and how often than the type of equipment you have and the accessories. Having said that, there are times that would be nice to have a few of those accessories handy.

Chalk – You may not think of chalk of an accessory until you try it. It keeps your hands dry, improves your grip and protects your hands. It is messy though. I have used liquid chalk and really didn’t like the way it stuck to everything and interfered with my lift.

Gloves – I have held dumbbells in freezing temperatures to build character, I guess. And I have lifted heavy dumbbells that blistered my palm. Blisters and calluses are part of training. It may be an unnecessary part of the training. It would have been more effective for me to have a pair of weight lifting gloves so that I don’t freeze my hands off and could focus better on getting a pump.

I like genuine soft leather with durable stitching that lasts a long time. A little patting for comfort and a texture to improve my grip helps too. Remember that working out with dumbbells is to build muscles and get fit. It is not a contest of building calluses.

Floor Mat – This is to protect your floors especially if they are made of tiles or wood. Carpeting isn’t so bad but you can still damage the floor if your are not careful. Weight lifting mats are not Persian carpets or yoga mats. They are heavy duty and can hold up under the free weight impacts. A six foot mat is enough in most cases.

Bench – There are many motions like a dumbbell fly that require a bench. There are other motions that could use a bench to make the exercise more efficient. Single handed row is an example. A heavy duty workout bench with adjustable back could really help you to do flat work, inclined work and declined work. Just make sure to choose a bench that fits you. You don’t want a bench that is too high to prevent your feet to reach the ground as you lie back.

The Right Dumbbells For Women

dumbbells for women

Women are different from men in so many ways and as they say in French “viva la diference.”

Some of the differences are real, and some are imaginary or propaganda. I love imagination, and I don’t mind propaganda but when it comes to planning, I depend on reality.

Science supports the fact that muscle mass within the female human body is less than that that of a male counterpart.

The difference in intensity of emotions is not as easily determined. Dumbbell exercises for women respond to the intensity of emotion far more than they do a female muscle size.

Women in almost every field including that of weightlifting exhibit astonishing strength beyond the capabilities of most men.

As a women, it is important for you to remember this when you’re selecting dumbbell’s for women and choosing a dumbbell workouts for women.

There are two principles within the fitness training that could help you focus your attention on your capabilities instead of following the propaganda that is telling you that you’re not strong enough as a woman.

One principle is called law of specificity. This law essentially means that you practice what you want to be good at. Or you get good at what you practice, assuming that the practice has the appropriate structure.

“Tone your tush” is another way of saying building your glutes. I guess those who use the terminology want to be cute or appeal to what they believe women can relate to. I’m not one of them.

I call glutes, Gluteus, or Gluteal muscles for a specific reason.

These are large muscle groups responsible for most powerful motions in the human body and in sports performance not to mention the role they play in retaining your strength as you age.

When you use the specificity principle, you have to choose the appropriate load to engage and fully activate your glutes.

If you do 100 kickbacks, you may feel the burn of high repetition, but the weight is too light for your powerful glutes to be built.

How does this relate to exercises with dumbbells for women?

Recommendations for dumbbell workouts designed for women often refer to “light dumbbells.” I like to call them ridiculous dumbbells because they serve no purpose at all when it comes to building large muscle groups in your body.

If you want to build strong legs and shape them, you need to practice variations of squats with enough weight that challenges your muscles. This is part of the specificity principle.

Another principal in fitness is called overload principle. Overload principle refers to creating workouts and training with greater intensity that your body is accustomed to. This has nothing to do with your gender. If you choose dumbbell that are too light for you, then you are not using the overload principle.

If you are frustrated with results.

Think about this, you are spending time, you are exerting energy, you are putting your heart into your workouts but you are using the wrong load because most fitness magazines for women show pictures of these ridiculous dumbbells that seem to be usually pink as the appropriate load.

I believe in human strength regardless of gender. I believe that you should use tools in ways that expresses the strength in your heart.

The process of selecting your dumbbell’s, or your dumbbell workout routine should not be any different.

This does not mean going crazy and risking injury. It just means using the appropriate weight for the muscle groups that you are intending to build. Since different muscle groups in your body have different levels of strength an effective way to approach this is through adjustable dumbbells.

Or you can join a gym that provides a set of dumbbell is a can use. Either way, focus on finding ways to increase your strength.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

In the beginning and even as an advanced athlete you need to manage the energy that flows from you feet, through your hips to your shoulder. One of the best ways to accomplish this energy is to choose the right load.

What is the right load for a dumbbell shoulder press?

It it the load you can press for 8 to 12 repetition from a seated position. When you are seated, you cannot use your body to create momentum and lift a load that is beyond the ability of your arms and shoulders.

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