Dumbbell Shoulder Press

In the beginning and even as an advanced athlete you need to manage the energy that flows from your feet, through your hips to your shoulder. One of the best ways to accomplish this energy is to choose the right load. What is the right load for a dumbbell shoulder press? It is the load… Continue reading Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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The Right Dumbbells For Women

Women are different from men in so many ways and as they say in French “viva la difference.” Some of the differences are real, and some are imaginary or propaganda. I love imagination, and I don’t mind propaganda but when it comes to planning, I depend on reality. Science supports the fact that muscle mass… Continue reading The Right Dumbbells For Women

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Dumbbell Accessories

Gloves, Mats, Benches, Racks, and Locks. I like to keep my approach to fitness simple and my outlook on fitness equipment even simpler. Your body is the most effective and efficient exercise equipment you can find. After that, simple equipment like dumbbells, speed jump ropes, and kettlebells work wonders. You get more out of how… Continue reading Dumbbell Accessories